Opportunity Knocks started in 2010 with the goal of strengthening people to face the battles of everyday life. We strive to meet you wherever you are at in life, to strengthen and build ALL of you, and to support you along the way. No matter who you are, from a professional athlete to a person working out for the first time, you can ALWAYS improve and progress!

Passionate Leadership

Opportunity Knocks is passionate about seeing people reach their true potential, and they have the staff to back it up.

Training for All Levels

From professional athletes to 7th grade football players; from heavyweight boxers to the over-worked soccer mom, our trainers will meet you where you’re at.

Rock Solid Programs

Opportunity Knocks offers programs that are specifically designed for where you’re at, and where you want to get.

Who We Are

Luke has been very selective of who he allows to work with the clients of OK, grooming in instructors that truly care about their people and what they do. With his brothers Dis and Adam, and Josh and Zach, Luke is confident of the abilities of his trainers. We have been called the “barbershop of gyms” and try to hold true to that by offering support and care for our clients and their lives while also delivering a healthy place and a great workout.

Betz Center

The Betz Center is a program designed to use martial arts to teach youth self-control, discipline, and character. Currently we are developing this program and getting the non-profit set up. We are looking for mentors and possible volunteer staff who have an interest in helping youth prepare for tomorrow. Contact Luke at luke@okboxingandfitness.com with any questions or interest.